Geoboards – ABCs to ACT for our little ones.

What are Geoboards?

Geoboards are square boards that have pegs to which attach rubber bands to form various shapes, images, and complex structures for a 2D interaction.

These boards are great for our kids to understand the change of shapes from a 3D~2D  medium. 

Geoboards can be used for multiple purposes and they can be used to recreate many different elements, such as:


Alphabetic Replication 

Numerical Replication 

Replication of Pictures 

Symmetry/ Design Analysis 

Area, Perimeter & Geometry 

Multiplication & Fractions 

Building Marble Maizes 

Mapping Constellations 

You can start to experiment with Geoboards by the time your little one(s) are around one (1 year) or so. These will not only help your child with FINE MOTOR skills, but also help your child master his/her PINCER GRASP.

To have a look at some of our Geoboard set ups, click here.

Follow us to know how you can level up Geoboards for toddlers and kids, in the simplest yet most engaging manner.