Boys are obsessed with everything that rolls- and was I craving to see my son pick up some wheels and play. .

TADA…I came out with this simplest Car track hack

Print some track sheets & glued them together on a white sheet, forming curves, roundabouts & lines.

Trust me Mommies & Daddies – doing this DIY, is reliving your childhood too – stretching your creative box a tad bit more to make it real fun. *MAKE IT FUN* :

1. You can add :Redlights, Bridges ,Tunnels, Signs is Road Safety , etc.

2. You can also change habitats, add trees  & water bodies  , zoo or animals , or monuments..

3. You can make it a scavenger hunt for them.

4. You can also relate it to a theme for adding to their knowledge.

Ex Construction:

This is a great learning exercise for kids, as it develops hand-eye coordination & dexterity in both their hands to pick up, & track the paths ( motion- path tracking), plus REAL/ROLE, OPEN-ENDED IMAGINATIVE PLAY.